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VFX Resources

Resources in English

Books 1. The Art and Science of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkmann 2. Digital Compositing for film and video by Steve Wright 3. The VES handbook of Visual Effects 4. The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams 5. Inside VFX by Pierre Grage

6. The Biography of The Pixel by Alvy Ray Smith Tutorials/Courses 1. Nuke Masterclass - Compositing Pro 2. Python for Nuke 101 - Ben McEwan 3. fxphd (After Effects, Houdini, Katana, Nuke, Renderman,...) 4. Gnomon Online (courses in modeling, sculpture, 3D, photoshop...) 5. CGWorkshops - CG Society (DMP, environment, drawing, characters...) 6. Think Tank Online (CG..) 7. Allan Mckay (FX, zbrush...) 8. Video Copilot (After Effects) 9. Lynda (Cinema 4D, keying, comp...) 10. Hugo's Desk 11. Pixel Front (Houdini, Maya, Redshift, Nuke...) 12. CG Master Academy 13. Learn Squared (Substance Designer, DMP, Concept Art, 3D...) Articles and VFX Breakdowns 1. Ben McEwan's Compositing Blog 2. fxguide 3. CGSociety 4. Animation Boss 5. Allan Mckay 6. Cartoon Brew 7. Art of VFX 8. IAMAG 9. Cinefex 10. befores & afters 11. VFX Voice 12. Lost Boys VFX 13. Animation World Network 14. Andrew Zeller 15. Josh Parks Compositing Newsletter 16. Hugo's Desk 17. Compositing Mentor 18. VFXy News 19. The Master Comp 20. Blender Guru 3D NewlestterPodcast 1. Allan Mckay 2. fxguide 3. CG Garage 4. The Andrew Price Podcast: Spotify | Youtube Diplomas 1. Lost Boys (advanced compositing, FXTD and Lighting) [Canada] 2. Gnomon (anatomy, environment, character, 3D, compositing...) [USA] 3. Think Tank Training Centre (3D...) [Canada] Job Banks 1. VFX Vancouver 2. Animation/VFX/Game Industry Job Postings [spreadsheet](up to date) 3. Toronto VFX 4. VFX Montreal

5. AnimatedJobs Extras 1. VFX World (map) 2. Compositing Pro 3. School Rankings around the world - The Rookies 4. Reddit VFX

Resources in Portuguese

Tutorials/Courses 1. UNO VFX (Nuke, Flame | VFX) 2. BorgoTV ( Nuke) 3. Diego Penaforte Curso Online (3ds Max, drawing) 4. Unhide School 5. Abel Vargas VFX Pro (Tips, VFX, Katana, Nuke) 6. Méliès (2D Animation Course, Sculpture, 3D....) 7. Animator (3D, 2D, Drawing)

8. Mauricio De Oliveira (Compositing, Nuke...) Books 1. The Animator's Survival Kit (Manual da Animação) by Richard Williams translated by SENAC Articles and VFX Breakdowns 1. VFX Pro 2. VRay Masters 3. CaféCG Podcasts 1. Esquenta VFX BR Universities 1. ESPM Rio de Janeiro- Bachelor's Degree in Animation Design 2. Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Bachelor's Degree in Animation 3. Universidade Veiga de Almeida (Rio de Janeiro) - Diploma in Animation Design 4. Infnet (Rio de Janeiro) - Bachelor's Degree in Animation Design 5. Méliès (Ensino a Distância) - Bachelor's Degree in Animation Design 6. Infnet (Rio de Janeiro) - Graduate course in Animation and 3D Modeling 7. Méliès (São Paulo) - Graduate course in VFX ​

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